China - Chinese Calligraphy

"Chinese calligraphy has always been more than simply a tool for communication, incorporating as it does the element of artistry for which the practice is still valued in an age of ballpoint pens and computers. Indeed, calligraphy is no longer the basic tool of intellectuals and officials but has become the preserve of professional artisans and amateur enthusiasts. Whether they are recording information or simply creating beautiful forms, calligraphers’ brushes are used to ink five different styles of script, known as ‘seal’, ‘official’, ‘cursive’, ‘running’ and ‘regular’..." 

Source: UNESCO Intangible Heritage

Postcard 1
Poem of Duo Jin Lou in Runnig Script by Mi Fu, Northern Song Dynasty. I bought this postcard at the museum souvenir shop in Shanghai Museum, China in October 2010.

Postcard 2
I bought a postcard set at the Capital Museum, Beijing. This postcard shows the Chinese Calligraphy Cursive Script on Scroll by famous calligrapher Wang Duo (1592-1642) on Tang Poems.

Postcard 3
Chinese calligraphy in the cursive style on a red color Chinese Lunar New Year postcard with red paper cutting stamps. Thanks so much to Lemon of China. Shin nian kuai le.

Postcard 4
Poem in classical Chinese calligraphy. Thanks to Aoaodaibu of Shenzhen, China.